WELCOME TO IBIZA for the 26th Annual Meeting of the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society (MUSOC)

Advanced course with hands on sessions about Musculoskeletal ultrasound and its applications.

Out of all the advancements in medicine, the tremendous pace at which Ultrasound has risen from strength to strength can only be marveled. It became an indispensable investigative tool for most of the disease presentations in soft tissue, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

What started out as “what ultrasound cannot do” today has changed to “what ultrasound CAN do” in the evaluation of bones and joints, the grey areas fast disappeared.

The Pioneers in the last twenty years of evolution of MSK-US (musculoskeletal ultrasound), have been Dr. Marnix Van Holsbeeck, Dr. J. Antonio Bouffard and Dr Michael DiPietro who founded 26 years ago the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society (MUSOC), to spread the teaching of this technique all around the world.

The high points of this conference:

  • World class International and National Faculty.
  • Dedicated single focus educational programme with intense teaching effort.
  • 20 of hours of teaching.
  • 4 hours of live demonstration.
  • 10 hours of dedicated Hands on workshops.
  • Introduction to world class authors of various books.
  • International accreditation of the conference from America and Europe,
  • Companies support to show case the best tools to help delegates get introduced to the optimal technical resource.


This meeting will be the third held in Spain, after the Costa del Sol in 1994 and Barcelona in 2009. Ibiza was chosen because of its incredible beauty. Ibiza is a little island in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the eastern border of the Spanish peninsula (about 80 miles). Ibiza was discovered centuries ago by the Phoenician, followed by the Carthage civilization, Roman, Moors and Spanish were the last conquerors of the island. The archeologic museum in the city is one of the most important for the Carthage civilization in the world.

The beaches in Ibiza are wonderful: white sand, and turquoise water are very common around the island.

The atmosphere of the island is also very well known around the world: Ibiza in the summer is the “rendez-vous” of many young people who like clubbing.
The October season is quieter as the big party clubs start to close their doors at the beginning of October. But restaurants, little bars, “chiringuitos” (little snacks or restaurants on the beaches) are still open because the wheather is still very nice, the temperature is around 25°C  and the water temperature is still very confortable around 23°C.

The meeting is scheduled from Saturday afternoon Oct 8 until Wednesday noon Oct 12. There will be 5 sessions of teaching by International and Local Faculty and 4 sessions of hands on where the attendees will work on models under a teacher supervision.

IBIZA and MUSOC welcome you in 2016!!!

Dr Philippe Peetrons
Chairman of the Organization Committee